GCAS is not authorized to grant any degrees, however through our exchange partnership with the Institute of Social Sciences & Humanities, Skopje (ISSH-S) students can take 30 clock/credit hours of courses/thesis and exchange their work for one of three MA degrees that ISSH-S grants (Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Policy Studies).

The ISSH-S and the GCAS: A Partnership

The Institute of Social Sciences & Humanities (Skopje) (ISSH-S) have partnered with the GCAS to offer unique MA exchange programs in the following area of study:  Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, and Policy Studies. ISSHS is fully accredited by the National Board of Accreditation and Evaluation of the Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia which, as a EU accession country, is fully integrated in the European Higher Education Area (or the Bologna Process). This means that the legislation and the functioning of the relevant institutions in the country (the Board of Accreditation and the Ministry of Education and Science) are fully harmonized with the European Legislative Community Aquis (the corpus of pan-European Legislation). This means that any diploma issued by ISSHS has equal legal and formal value as the diploma of any accredited higher education institution in any EU country (including the EU accession countries).

Dr. Katerina Kolozova, Director of ISSH-S

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GCAS seminar in Mexico City with Profs. Joan Copjec and Bracha Ettinger.  Details to follow soon.”
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