Institute of Critical Theology 

What we know about the 21st century, or maybe our only promise is that our collective problems will be more complex, violent, and often rooted in religion and disparity. Crisis, it seems is a constant in our day. Certainly life has always been always tenuous and thus a new critical theology steers clear of traditional or metaphysical moorings. Instead we are calling all interested parties, graduate students and seminarians, lay folk and clergy, religious and non-religious, faculty from everywhere to participate together. Thus this created space is for discourse and advanced study that will be inclusive as well as rigorous.

To me this means a way of learning that invites the whole person, and fights epistemic injustice by inviting everyone to a kind of public work that is capable of challenging systems that make people commodities or the world simply a source of data. Beginning with Paulo Freire, “Problem-posing education affirms men and women as beings in the process of becoming.” And also becoming listeners to all the sciences as well. This Institute here forward will strive both for inclusion and rigor, a critical pedagogy that welcomes the generative themes brought by all partners at the common table of discourse. For this, technology can be an ally if we’re wise about it, and always learn from our mistakes.

Since discussing this mission and vision all summer, and I also want to say “gracias” to my “compañeros” on these matters.

Director: David Reinhart 




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