Institute of Political Economy

GCSAS Institute for political economy asks how things are understood and how to understand them. In the tension between these two lies critical thought. How things are understood is what moves them. How to understand them contributes to change the course of that movement. The direction of their movement is  The direction of their movement is what requires collective work, more so than changing the way they are understood. Not satisfied with stopping at ideology critique, then, the Institute is committed to studying and envisaging alternatives, pragmatically, to the organisation of our lives in common.

GCAS Institute of Political Economy Statement

Director: Arianna Bove

Dr. Arianna Bove is Lecturer in Politics and Ethics, at the University of London.

With a background in philosophy and political and social theory, Arianna Bove researches the political economy of the production of subjectivity; participatory and autonomous forms of political and economic organisation; the politics, ethics and technologies of the common; the dark side of the multitude. Arianna Bove has worked on a variety of publications as editor, writer, and translator. In 2000, she co-founded the website, where many of her articles, translations and research can be found.

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